What are the most common mistakes in B2B monetisation strategies?

March 16, 2023
Monetisation of products and services is essential for any business.

In our consulting practice, we have come across these problems in the monetisation strategies of B2B companies:

  • Lack of research: Failing to conduct thorough market research can lead to a lack of understanding of the target market and audience, resulting in a monetisation strategy that does not generate sufficient and sustainable revenue.
  • Not having a clear understanding of the customer: Failing to have a profound understanding of the customer’s needs and pain points can make it difficult to generate revenue by providing a solution that addresses their needs.
  • Not knowing the value of the product / service: Failing to understand the value of the product or service to the customer can make it difficult to justify the pricing.
  • Not diversifying revenue streams: Failing to diversify revenue streams can make the business overly reliant on one source of income and limit the potential for growth.
  • Vague pricing strategy: Failing to have a clear pricing strategy can make it difficult to accurately quote prices and close deals.
  • Underestimating the costs: Failing to accurately estimate the costs associated with implementing the monetisation strategy can lead to financial difficulties and limit the ability to invest in growth and expansion.
  • Unproductive sales strategy: Failing to implement an effective sales strategy can make it difficult to generate leads and close deals, leading to a lack of revenue.
  • Not measuring and tracking progress: Failing to measure and track progress can make it difficult to understand the effectiveness of the strategy and improve.

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