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Is your company about to embark on a voyage to new markets? Would you like to cruise to growth and market leadership at a higher speed, replacing the manual paddling with the steam-power of automated processes? Have the people in your crow’s nest lost sight of your strategic destination and customers?
Fear not! Business Pilotage Consulting helps you navigate your organisation safely around the shallows and rocky cliffs of marketing, strategy and business development. Get an experienced guide aboard your management bridge for as long or as short as you need to reach your goals.

Outsourcing of management functions and projects in marketing, strategy, and business development

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About Business Pilotage Consulting

Kerstin Becker, Managing Director
Kerstin Becker, Managing Director

First-class know-how becomes affordable for SMEs as a Shared Service:

  • Your consultant is an experienced leader with a career of over 20 years in international companies
  • Holistic approach spanning strategy, marketing, business development, and sales
  • Integration of online and offline channels
  • Sustainable transfer of knowledge and processes through collaboration with your internal resources
  • Thinking along commercial lines and focusing on your business goals with measurable KPIs: “Marketing by Numbers“ instead of “L‘art pour l‘art“

Our vision is to become one of the leading outsourced marketing management providers in Luxembourg and the surrounding countries.

Our mission is to provide measurable, pragmatic, and results-oriented consulting services to SMEs and other organisations. We achieve this by delivering excellent Marketing Management as a Service in a risk-free, success-based way, with the customers’ business goals in focus.

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