Why should startups perform a marketing strategy “sanity check” before raising funds?

March 28, 2023

A "sanity check" of the marketing strategy is helpful for all start-ups, especially before they undertake fundraising
Start-up better make sure their marketing strategy checks all the right boxes before raising funds

From our experience, we have identified several reasons why startups better get a “sanity check” for their business and marketing strategy before they raise funds:

– A marketing strategy sanity check can help a startup to identify any gaps or weaknesses in their plan before seeking funding. This allows the startup to address any issues and improve their chances of success.

– Such a check helps to demonstrate to investors that the startup has a clear understanding of its target market and a plan to reach and engage with potential customers. This shows whether there is a “fit” for the product or service, fulfilling a need of potential customers and adding value.

– It helps to show investors that the startup has a clear understanding of the industry and competitive landscape. It also shows that the startup has a plan how to differentiate itself in the market and stand out from competitors.

– A well-defined marketing strategy can also help startups to better allocate their limited resources and make data-driven decisions. By regularly tracking and analyzing their marketing efforts, startups can adjust their strategy as needed to achieve better results.

– Having a marketing strategy in place before raising funds shows investors that the startup is well-prepared and has a clear path to growth and revenue generation. This can increase investor confidence and make it more likely that they will invest in the startup.

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