Customer relationships: quality matters

March 12, 2021

“The more, the merrier”? That may be true for many Christmas parties, but not for the number of contacts in your prospect and customer database or newsletter subscriber list.

It’s not the number that counts, but the quality of the records! But today we won’t preach about the correctness of the data. It’s all about the people in your database or list: Do they really want to hear / read from you? Are they at least mildly interested and considering buying from you?

When GDPR was put into effect, many marketers and sales people were afraid of losing records, having to delete them without people’s explicit consent for storing and processing their details. But what’s the point of having a huge base with unknown quality of interest?

In our experience, those who consider buying from you will like to hear from you. It’s more effective to nurture those relationships and manage the respective records, than wasting time on amassing data just for the sake of it. Think not just of the cost for martech tools, which is often based on the number of records, but also of the time it takes to try to keep the records clean and correct…

Throw unnecessary ballast overboard! It’ll make your marketing and sales efforts more efficient, successful, and compliant.