Brand equity: add and protect measurable value

March 19, 2021

Entrepreneurs: Where do you see your business in the future?
Anyone dreaming of selling a part or all of it? Maybe retiring somewhere nice? Or start on a new business or other adventure?

What value will your current brand(s) add to the package? Are you using brand equity consciously with your long-term goals in focus?

For an entrepreneur, brand strategy is a lot more than promising statements and logo colours: It’s about measurable value, showing in the balance sheet. It takes well-informed, conscious decisions ranging from maximising marketing and sales efficiency to maximising product opportunity.

Strategic goals in terms of addressable markets and future product development need to be considered. The same is true for potential mergers and acquisitions. Protecting your brand(s) is essential to maintain and grow this value.

Brand strategy needs to start way before the creative work – and it’s more than good taste for design. If you feel at a point where you want to achieve more for the future of your business and protect your brand’s equity, we’ll gladly be your sparring partner to bounce off ideas.

Registering trademarks to secure and protect your brand equity doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg: With the help of our partners at Great Brands, the registration process can be simplified and made very cost-effective. In most cases, it can be done online with minimum delays and without involving lawyers.
Contact us to get a complimentary, non-obligational availability check whether your trademark can be registered or if the name has already been registered by someone, and if so, for which classes of goods and services.