Optimising the website: Where to start?

February 23, 2021

Now you’ve done all the homework and have defined target groups and perhaps buyer personas … and you’re wondering where to start? To optimise how your website and other digital windows provide information to each of them, take a close look: They certainly have some questions in common that they “ask” to your website.

Start by getting those parts right, that will be interesting for some 80% of the visitors you want to reach. Once that is done, diversify by providing the details for each dedicated group or persona. And here, start with the group that’s strategically most important for you – as defined in your business strategy.

Avoid losing yourself in the efforts of trying to get all the details for each niche right from the beginning. It’s better to follow the good ol’ Pareto principle getting to 80% of the results with 20% of the input, then continuously improve in an agile way. Just don’t stop at the generic 80%, because for each group, that generic bit is just a small part of their value picture.